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RIVA Real Estate has a wealth experience in both residential and commercial real estate field. We have a staff of professionals, a close-knit team that’s working together to meet all your needs. We cover every inch of Italy, from the Southern tip to the Northern sidek Islands included. And we have agents with +30 years of experience on the field supported by dynamic staff which use latest technology to give clients the best quality experience possible.

RIVA Real Estate has gained strong expertise in the provision of technical, organizational and commercial services in support of the management of its real estate assets and of the improvement projects carried out in partnership or as provider of other companies of the sector.

Core fields:

  • asset management
  • project management
  • sale and marketing of real estate projects

Asset Management

Through in-house professionals and synergies with qualified partners, RIVA Real Estate pursues the enhancement and growth of real estate assets, constantly searches for new investment opportunities, and oversees technical and strategic asset management, on its own account as well as for other companies.

Internal resources are specialised in:

management, development and enhancement of real estate portfolios
search for and identification of new investment opportunities
planning and strategies of redevelopment projects
technical and financial feasibility analysis
coordination of Property Management Services (enhancement and income and/or sale)
property maintenance management

Project Management

RIVA Real Estate has acquired extensive experience in the development and execution of city planning projects, from the preliminary phases to design in partnership with the most reputable professionals and coordination of all execution phases.

  • design, execution and development of real estate projects
  • city planning, city planning instruments, administrative and legal procedures, relationships with public administrations
  • project definition: types of actions, intended uses, etc.
  • budget and work theme determination and management (designers, contractors, etc.)
  • coordination of execution phases
  • cost and timing control

Sale and marketing of real estate projects

RIVA Real Estate owes its accurate, in-depth knowledge of the Italian real estate market, among other things, to its partnership with leading national and local industry players who are in direct contact with the specific realities and needs of the different areas.  

  • marketing of real estate assets
  • market analysis and sale and purchase pricing
  • assistance in contractual and legal processes (preliminary agreements, final deeds of sale, Land Registry procedures, etc.)